The famous MVP, “the minimum viable product”.

I know you have several  ideas, stick to one and #juststartit.

The first step may be the hardest one, but once you have a plan things get easier.

Is it a website or a mobile app? Are you thinking about something very complicated? You want to build the next Facebook or Uber? Or your own search engine and compete with Google? Some artificial intelligence or some fancy AR/VR?

Or, you want to see it as a real product something you can touch, IoT stuff?

What about a self-driving bike? @Elon, bikes are profitable too!

You may fail, but that’s part of the story. You don’t actually fail, it’s learning. The more you fail the more experience you get!

But the biggest question is Why? Why make something? You have a job and is enough, getting the money at the end of the month and spend your free time doing stuff, living, exploring the world, having fun or Netflix.

But that’s really it? That’s all you want to do? Do you think that doing your job is all you can do?

I was always curious, I wanted to know everything…

I broke all my toys when I was little, just to see what’s inside.

When I had my first computer, the mouse was a top tech for me, how my hand can move something on the screen…crazy stuff!

Then I started to play some games, but this was not the funny part for me, it was more fun to hack the game and cheat.

I spent my money on more than 30 domain names over the years, each of them with a different idea..all of them with potential. The biggest mistake was always the same: Thinking that this idea is not so great after some weeks and moved to another idea.

Every time the same story:

1. Buy domain name

2. Build the website (most of the time some quick WordPress installation, with a huge collection of themes and scripts from CodeCanyon)

3. Custom changes to the code, nights spent with SQL PHP javascript HTML and CSS. Before the stack was split Backend and Frontend 10 years ago.

There is a name for people like me “wantrepreneur“.
A person who aspires to be an entrepreneur, especially one who never realizes this ambition. Wikipedia

I started this blog several years ago but never had so much fun writing articles on it.