Facebook shop with products from woocommerce

///Facebook shop with products from woocommerce

Facebook for Woocommerce

If  you are using this plugin : Facebook for WooCommerce , to upload you products to your Facebook Page shop, then you may have noticed that it may block you website using all of the resources.

For me it’s making a request every 10 seconds, and my website blocks giving a 524 error code.

The solution to solve this problem is to increase the time from 10 seconds to 30.

  1. Go into the plugin files : /wp-content/plugins/facebook-for-woocommerce/assets/js
  2. Edit the file facebook-settings.js
  3. Change at line 475 from 10000 to 30000
// Only do pings for supporting older (pre 1.8) setups.
window.fb_pings =
(window.facebookAdsToolboxConfig.feed.hasClientSideFeedUpload) ?
null :
console.log("Pinging queue...");
}, 30000);

function ping_feed_status_queue(count = 0) {
window.fb_feed_pings = setInterval(function() {
console.log('Pinging feed uploading queue...');
}, 30000*(1 << count));

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