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1002, 2017

Linux Commands List for Website Owners

If you have access to ssh then you can run this linux commands : How to Backup your files (archived) : tar -cvpzf /home/username_here/file_name_here.tar.gz   /home/username_here/folder-to-backup How to search for something : grep -rnw '/home/username_here/' -e "stats.php" How to move everything from a folder : mv /home/usarname_here/domain_here/wordpress/* /home/usarname_here/domain_here

1002, 2017

How to connect to a website with Java

How to make a GET or POST Request with Java ? If you want to get or send some data to a website here is a code example how to do it. In this example it's a GET Request, that can also be used to set some cookies, user agent [...]

802, 2017

How to solve the Base64 problem with double slashes “//” in link url ?

How to solve Base64 issue with double slashes. Base64 converts for example the number 1000 to "MTAwMA==". It contains the next characters :  "A–Z, a–z, 0–9, +, /, = " . Passing Base64 values in Browsers links can be a problem if the encoded value contains double slashes "/". This [...]

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